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Why chose a cleaning company?

People ask, " why should I use a cleaning company when (insert name here) is offering their services in the local shop window for less?"

There are many reasons;

- A cleaning company recruits staff, weeds out the bad one and keeps the good one and carries out background checks

- A cleaning company ensures their staff turn up on time and send replacements if they are off sick or otherwise unavailable

- A cleaning company carries a large range of different products for the large range of different surfaces, stains, situations we are likely to walk into, we invest time to work out which ones work well, which ones smell good, and, ensure they won't damage the finish on your floor, worktop, kitchen cupboards etc.

- A cleaning company ensures their staff are paid the minimum wage, pay tax and NI where applicable and have access to a pension. This ensures the cleaner is not making cash in hand whilst also potentially claiming out of work benefits

- A cleaning company has to have insurance to cover it's staff and it's customers in the event of an accident or damage to your property

- A cleaning company supplies the products and machinery to undertake the job

Yes, a cleaning company will always be more expensive than Mrs Mop with the card in the corner shop window, but all of the above costs money and are surely worth a fiver a week?


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