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Professional Bathroom Cleaning Tips

A bathroom isn't just a place where you get clean. It can be a sanctuary where you can soak your troubles away. Big fluffy towels, soft music and perhaps a scented candle means that you can relax with the best of them.

But not if your bathroom is dirty!

Cleaning a dirty bathroom is not something to look forward to, but then having your daydreams of warm sandy beaches interrupted by the sight of a mouldy showerhead does tend to put a downer on that long soak.

Cleaning the bathroom isn't much work if it is done correctly. If you wait until your bathroom is really disgusting, it will take you far longer than if you do a regular upkeep.

Here are some bathroom cleaning tips straight from Sparkle Sisters.

Cleaning the Bathroom

To get started, you should do a thorough cleaning of your bathroom. After this is done, all that will be necessary is regular upkeep and a good thorough cleaning once a month or as needed.

Have bathroom cleansers such as disinfectant and soap scum cleaners available before you tackle the job. It is a good idea to have all the products you use in one central location (we carry ours in a wheely bag) so that you can just go to it and bring it with you through the house.

Pick up the Laundry

Begin by picking up the dirty laundry. This includes clothes, dirty towels, and shake out the


Pick up the Trash

Pick up any rubbish, through away those empty bottles of shampoo, shower gel, boxes of bath salts, empty toothpaste tubes, blunt razor blades etc. and then vacuum or sweep the floor.

Save the mopping for the very last.

Clean Countertops, Mirrors & Sinks

Clean the counter tops and clean the mirrors, using a good glass cleaner to avoid streaks. We use a commercial product but most branded and even some supermarket own brand products do a good job. For everyday household glass cleaning you can’t go wrong with Windolene

Spray or wipe antibacterial cleaner on the sinks and the countertops, again we use a commercial product formulated for home use but Sainsburys Antibacterial Spray is good, cheap and has a nice apple smell.

Wipe the chrome with a clean rag to shine it.

Cleaning the Toilet

Now clean the toilet. Use bleach, pour a cup into the toilet bowl and let sit for a few minutes. Alternatively, we like Harpic Power Plus Active tablets, drop one into the toilet before you start and by the time you have finished the rest of your work your toilet will be sparkling!

While that works on the inside, clean around the toilet. Spray the cistern, rim, outside the bowl, the seat and the top of the toilet with disinfectant or antibacterial cleaner.

Go back to the inside of the toilet and scrub it down with a brush, hitting the rim as well.

Now take a towel or cleaning cloth and wipe down all those spots you just sprayed and wipe it dry. Discard this cloth.

Cleaning the Bathtub & Shower

Spray a heavy duty cleanser like HG Bathroom Cleaner and let it sit to work on the soap scum. Wait about 15 minutes and scrub until the mildew, soap scum, or dirt is gone. If mould present try Cillit Bang Power Cleaner Black Mould which gets rid of most stuff.

Once this is done, use a spray cleaner after every use in the shower or bath to keep it clean, Sainsburys own brand Shower Cleaner is cheap and cheerful and does the trick.

Shine the chrome with a clean rag.

Mop the Floor

Now you can mop the floor, the product will vary depending on the type of flooring you have, stone, ceramic tile, laminate, real wood, vinyl flooring etc.

Put the rugs back down.

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