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DUST!!! Where, How & Why?

Dust! Where does all the dust come from?

Is dust driving you mad and have you ever stopped to wonder where it all accumulates from? Well here at Sparkle Sisters, we've created a little video to answer those questions!

It's fairly safe to say that in the average house hold or office, dust is pretty much unstoppable! Most of us I'm sure, regularly clean our homes but somehow within a few hours, we start to see the dust settle again and all our hard work is undone! So where does all that dust come from?

Dust particles are created in many different ways throughout every day life. Quite simply, every movement we make and nearly everything we touch creates and causes microscopic fibres to disperse in to the air. Products with high textile fibre content include carpets, towels, bed sheets, curtains, clothing and even paper! We ourselves create dust. Yes, us! The human skin is responsible for a portion of the dust we find in our homes or place of work! So where else does dust come from? Surprisingly, a considerable amount of the dust we see, actually comes from outside. Yes, that's right, dust comes in to our properties from many contributing factors. These factors include plant & flower pollen, road dust dispersed by moving traffic and soil particles blown by the wind. Naturally, we leave our windows open to let the fresh air in, but in reality, whilst we are doing this, we are also letting in dust particles from the planets environment!

If dust is getting you down, call our hotline on 07552 232998 where we'l be happy to help!

For specialist house cleaning services, look no further than Sparkle Sisters Cleaners. We offer services for both one off house cleaning or regular house cleaning maintenance.

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