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Office Cleaner Solihull

Commercial office Cleaning


We specialise in Commercial office cleaning in Solihull ! Please call for prices or enquiries on this service.

House cleaner Solihull

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Want to stop any arguments with your landlord or letting agent when you hand the keys back?

We will clean the house from top to bottom and give you an itemised invoice that you can use to prove to your landlord that the house has been professionally cleaned. 

House cleaning in Solihull

House cleaning Solihull

House Cleaning


For general house cleaning services in Solihull, the kind of things you would do yourself each week, please get in touch for prices on 0121 368 0904

oven cleaning in Solihull

Oven Cleaning


For oven cleaning in Solihull, please get in touch for prices on general oven cleaning services.

Deep cleaning Solihull

Deep Cleaning


For the full top to bottom service, you need a deep clean, where a team of cleaners will spend half a day or more cleaning every nook and cranny

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