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Confessions of a cleaner

If you do a quick internet search for "confessions of a cleaner" you will find a long list of links covering

- stories about what chambermaids find in hotel rooms

- the tricks they use to make the room look clean in the small amount of time they have to complete the job

- unusual requests of the cleaner

- cleaners being propositioned by the client

- unusual and / or potentially illegal items found under the bed or in the back of the store cupboard

Cleaning Service Solihull

At Sparkle Sisters we clean for a whole range of people, younger people, older people, working, retired, disabled, people who most would consider wealthy and others who simply do not have enough time between multiple jobs. Solicitors, professional sports people, shop workers, teachers, IT workers, there is not a single type of person that needs a house cleaner in Solihull.

The one thing we don't do is "dust and tell" - could we match many of the cleaners stories you find on the internet? Probably. But our customers privacy is of critical importance to us, our customers invite us into their houses, trust us with their keys and / or alarm codes and we have to respect that or our company reputation that we have worked hard to build up over the last few years. Our advertising bill is very low, because most of our enquires start with "I've been given you number by....." and we hope to keep it this way.

You won't be finding "Sparkle Sisters Secrets" on Amazon any time soon.

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