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How to clean tile grout the easy way!

Is your bathroom or shower room looking tired and dirty? Is the grouting between your tiles discoloured with grime and mould?

If only there was an easy solution to restoring the grout to how it used to look?

Well, actually there is! Forget the high-tec grout tools that the tile shops try to sell you and forget the useless tile grout whitening pens and read on to find an easier and cheaper solution to this problem.

Very simply, I am going to list below some very simple to follow instructions to bring your tiles back to life! This method can be used on either wall or floor tiles with any colour grout.

1: Take a standard bottle of household bleach (preferably a good brand like Domestos)

2: Taking care not to get bleach on your hands, I recommend wearing rubber gloves, squirt the neat bleach over the tiles in a generous fashion ensuring the grout is completely covered. For any areas where the bleach has not made contact with the grout, apply the bleach using a cloth making sure a generous amount of bleach is applied to the grout.

3: Leave the neat bleach to do its magic for at least 30 minutes.

4: If cleaning wall tile grout (and if at all possible), use the shower head to swill the bleach off the tiles using plenty of warm water and hey presto, you will see that the grout is now beautiful and clean again! If cleaning floor tile grout, use a mop and bucket with several changes of water to thoroughly remove all traces of bleach.

5: For any areas of grout that may still show signs of mould or grime, repeat the steps 1-4 again with the exception of mid-way through (i.e. 15 minutes), gently scrub the affected are with a scrubbing brush (on walls) or use a broom on floors to encourage the bleach to work more effectively. Apply another dose of bleach to the affected area and leave for a further 15 minutes before thoroughly rinsing off with plenty of warm water.

Tools you will need for the job:

1: A bottle of household bleach

2: Rubber gloves

3: Scrubbing brush

4: Cloth

5: Mop and bucket for cleaning (floor grout only).

6: Broom for cleaning (floor grout only)


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