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How to clean that dreaded fat fryer!!!

Not all of all own one a fat fryer but for the ones of us who do, I’m sure we’d all agree that we dread changing the oil and cleaning the fat fryer!

I for one have a method for cleaning the fryer which I think might also be useful to others. Firstly, there are some very simple things that you will require to get the job done! You will need, two empty 1.5 – 2.0 litre pop bottles, two brillo pads, one roll of disposable kitchen towel, an old mug or cup, washing up liquid, a piece of card board and 3-4 carrier bags.

Firstly, we need to empty the fat fryer, but before we can do this, it is important to switch the fryer on and let it warm the oil just enough for the oil to DE solidify. Usually leaving the fryer on for two minutes is long enough to break the oil down to a luke warm temperature. It is important to ensure the oil is only just warm before attempting to empty it! Next, make a cone shaped filter using cardboard from perhaps a cereal box or any un-wanted food packing. Place the filter in to the top of the empty coke bottle and start to drain the oil from the fryer using the mug or cup by carefully pour the old oil from the cup in to the coke bottle. Continuing doing this until the oil is completely drained, leaving just the sludge behind at the bottom of the fryer reservoir. Take generous amounts of kitchen towel and use it to remove the sludge from the reservoir and dispose of it in to the carrier bags. When you have removed as much of the sludge and oil as possible, pour a little hot water in to the bottom of the fryer reservoir and using your brillo pad, start to remove any excess build-up of oil scale. Continue cleaning and scrubbing with the brillo pad until the reservoir is clean and then thoroughly rinse off any soap taking care not to get water on to any electrical part of the fryer. Please note that on some models it is possible to remove the reservoir completely from the fryer making it much easier to clean and maintain. Replace any filters in the fryer with grease and odour proof compatible filters and re fill the oil reservoir to the correct level using your desired oil. Please note, it is important to ensure that the fryer is completely dry before refilling with oil! Finally, dispose of your un-wanted oil at any oil bank or refuse tip. Please note, that oil is an un-pleasant substance to deal with and if disposed of in correctly can be extremely bad for the environment.

Always be disposed of un-wanted oil using the many refuse facilities available.

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