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Pet hair driving you CRAAZZYYY?

Well you're not alone! We all love our pets immensly, but one thing that drives us all mad is when they shed their hair!

Most dogs will shed their hair at least twice a year and some dogs will moult even more often than that! Shedding season usually starts around Autumn and Spring time and seems to last forever but in fact usually only lasts for around 4-5 weeks! Ahhhhhh!!! No matter what you do and how often you sweep the floors and vacuum the carpets, the hairs are back in no time at all!! Frustrating isn't it? Well, there are a handful of things we can do to help reduce the exasperating effects of unwanted pet hair.

Having had two Labradors myself, I have found that brushing them on a very regular basis i.e every day!, can help a little to speed up the process of shedding. I also found that taking the dogs to the grooming salon every fortnight for a thorough bathing and grooming session helps a great deal towards reducing the hair flow around the house! There are also products available online that you can buy which simply attach to your vacuum cleaner enabling you to suck out any loose hairs on your beloved pooch! Whether your dog will let you do this, is however entirely up to your dog and unfortunately not you! For myself and my two lovely Labradors, only one of them can bare the sight and sound of the vacuum cleaner. Take a look at the amusing video below of how some dogs do simply love being vacuumed!

So, what else can we do to reduce pet hairs? Well the truth be known, not really much! Some of us may be able to cope with pet hair easier than others. The unluckiest of us however can be allergic to pet hair which can bring on asthma and other pet hair related allergies. According to surveys conducted, Asthma & Immunology allergies from dogs or cats occur in approximately 15% of households across the UK.

A good vacuum cleaner however, can certainly help reduce pet hair and dust mites around the house which are the main contributors towards pet related allergies. Below is a link to a small selection of the best pet vacuum cleaners currently on the market today. These vacuum cleaners do not compare to standard vaccum cleaners, they are cyclone and/or turbo powered, thus creating far greater suction, pulling hair and dust out of your carpets far better than any usual vacuum cleaner!

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