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Mobile Phones + Dirty Hands = GERMS!

We all love our mobile phones! They are what we rely on to keep us in touch with the world wide web and the rest of the world! We are proud of our phones and would be totally lost without them! We cherish our phones and are careful to never damage them, but one very important thing that most of us forget to do, is clean them! If only you could see the germs on your phone, you would be shocked and disgusted! Here are a few simple facts to think about....

When we go to the bathroom, we finish up with washing our hands. On exit from the bathroom we touch the bathroom door handle and quickly transfer germs to our nice clean hands. We then touch our mobile phone and transfer those germs to it and vice versa transfer germs from our dirty phone to our hands from all the everyday things that we do! We eat food whilst using our phone. Food particles are transferred to the phone and subsequently mix with other bacteria to create an army of germs on our beloved handset. Did you know that the common cold can be caused simply by transferring germs from your phone to your mouth? It’s true, so from now on, keep your phone clean and get rid of those horrid germs!

For more detailed information on 'Germs on Mobile Phones', please take a look at the related video below.

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