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Top Three Most Surprising Hot Spots for Germs in Your Home!

Your preparing some fruit by washing it but accidently drop it in the sink. Would you still eat it the fruit I wonder? What about if you dropped that same piece of fruit in the toilet! Would you still eat it?

Well, here are some very interesting facts on where our invisible invader germs friends are hiding right now in each and every home!! Bacteria and general cold virus germs can live in some surprisingly unexpected places! Below are three of the most germ ridden places in your home and some helpful pointers on how you can protect yourself.

Number 1! The Kitchen Sink

The thought of putting your hand down the toilet to retrieve something may well make your stomach turn! The shocking truth is though that your toilet bowl might actually have less germs than your kitchen sink. Here’s why! Food particles find their way in to your kitchen sink from plates which creates a breeding ground for virus causing bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella. These dreadful germs can easily be transferred on to your hands and quite easily spread to other areas of your house.

It’s common practice to disinfect your toilet bowl, but unfortunately, some people do not give their kitchen sink the same consideration it deserves. They think because it has fresh running water passing through it, then it must be clean. The reality is so very different!

The most effective way to banish germs and bacteria from your sink:

Sterilise your sink and STOP the contamination and spread of germs right now using household bleach once a day and also pour neat bleach in to the plug hole so it can run down to the drain. Also remember to sterilise the sink plug as germs on the plug are rife!

Number 2! Toothbrush

You happily put your toothbrush in your mouth twice a day but have you ever stopped to think about what germs are lurking on it? Yes, you always rinse the toothbrush off after cleaning your teeth but this is not enough to kill germs that are along for the ride! What’s more, you then put the toothbrush away damp, bacteria love the moistness and unfortunately this is a perfect breeding ground for germs! Your toothbrush holder also contains more germs than you would ever believe!

Here’s a surprising fact! Research has shown that when you flush the toilet, germs can float in the air for up to two hours before settling on surfaces, including your toothbrush!

Here’s how to fix the problem!

If using a toothbrush holder, keep it clean! Alternatively, place your toothbrush where it can air and dry properly between uses, but don’t keep it near the toilet. The best places to keep your toothbrush is actually in a different room to your bathroom! It’s a great idea to also renew your toothbrush often, especially if you have recently been ill or sick. The best tip of all here is to close your toilet seat prior to flushing it!

Number three: Salt and Pepper dispenser, vinegar bottle and sauce bottles.

Shocking as it may seem, but one of the dirtiest places in your home might well be where you sit to eat food!

Tests have recently shown that salt and pepper dispensers and sauce bottles which we frequently touch when we are eating our food have food particles passed on to them which unfortunately are the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria and viruses!

Banish those germs!

When you clean your kitchen table after breakfast, lunch and dinner time, remember to wipe over the condiment vessels too! The best practice of all however and to maintain the non-spreading of germs, is to wash your hands both before and after you reach for the salt and pepper pot and sauce bottle again!

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